Choosing a unique gift for a friend or family member can be a monotonous process. Believe me when I say... I've been there!

There’s nothing worse than having the same gift ideas being rotated in your head.. (Watch, wallet, t shirt), when you know oh too well, that you’ve given that person those same items 3 years in a row.

This is where 1K Words canvas art made of words comes in to play. Not only are these canvases unique, but they are extremely personal, and something that can be given on any occasion.


Surprising your partner with your favourite wedding photo, will be sure to make her teary. Not only that, but combine it with your wedding vows or favourite romantic quotes, and you’re sure to win her heart (in case you hadn’t already :P)

Not sure how much cash to put in the wedding card? And not sure how many crystal vases the bride and groom have been gifted already? These 1K canvases also act as the perfect wedding gift! You’ll definitely be a stand out guest with this special gift, which the married couple definitely wouldn’t be expecting.


And the NUMBER 1 child goes to….. Just kidding! This gift will definitely be one to remember though, as a gift to your parents on their special day. Whether it be a photo of all the siblings together, a gorgeous shot of the grandchildren, or a sentimental couples photo, your parents will be thrilled to have this hanging on their wall.


The ideas are endless with this occasion! Birthdays are a very personal occasion, so why not give a personalised canvas made of words.

Have a friend or family member overseas? We also ship to a number of different countries which makes birthday gifting a walk in the park. Sending packages overseas can be a tedious and costly process, but we can do all that for you! After you have created the perfect birthday canvas, just type in the giftees shipping address, and assuming we ship to their current location, we will do the rest!


Don’t get me wrong, what girl doesn’t love to receive roses on Valentine’s Day, but why not step outside the square this year. Whether you’ve been together for 2 days, 2 months or 2 years, these canvases will be sure to melt her heart. You can even include words meaningful to you, important dates, places or even nicknames you’ve given each other over time. As your relationship continues, changes and grows, this canvas will remain on the wall, as a reminder of this memorable occasion.


Trying to come up with a new and exciting way to propose, can be a daunting experience. The answer though, is right here, I promise! I could think of nothing more romantic, than to be proposed to with one of our canvases made of words. Allocate some time to write an affectionate and personalised message to go over the photo, with a cheeky ‘Will you Marry me?’ hidden amongst the text, and voila, you are ready to pop the question! Reading through the text will buy you some time to bend on one knee, and pull out the stunning ring you’ve been hiding. Absolute perfection! 


Christmas can be a hectic and somewhat stressful time, when it shouldn’t be! In some ways, it’s not always the cost, but more the ‘what’ to get your friends and family, that drives people crazy!
Even if you’ve already gifted one of our 1K canvases, there is always room for more on the wall, or to add to the ever growing collection.


If you have a loved one that has passed on, and would like to commemorate them in a special way, we would love to be involved in helping create the perfect ‘in memory of’ canvas. Whether you’d prefer to hang it above your fireplace, or gift it to a grieving friend, we will do our best to create something special, that can be cherished and never forgotten for years to come.

It definitely doesn’t end here though… Don’t forget, there are also occasions/situations such as baby showers, housewarming, congratulatory, welcome home, apologetic gifts... and just because!

The list is endless...
April 03, 2018 by 1K Words
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