When 2 Became 3

"Nobody said that it’d be easy, they just promised it would be worth it”, and boy was it worth it!

It’s been just over 2 weeks since this perfect little human blessed us with his presence, and we couldn’t be more in love. Mark and I both catch each other staring at him in absolute awe, a novelty I know will never wear off.

It’s crazy to think it was just over two weeks ago that I was bouncing away on my pregnancy ball and going on regular walks- trying to help this little man make his appearance. It’s true when they say babies come in their own time, and oh how true this was.

As luck would have it, my obstetrician was scheduled to be away on my due date. I was assured though, that due to baby being quite comfortable in the womb (and who wouldn’t be), it didn’t look like he was coming any time soon, and the chances of a May baby were very high!

Thrilled at the possibility of a ‘May the Fourth be with you’ date, Mark frantically searched the internet for anything Star Wars related, but held back due to the shipping time frame. Smart move!

River Jackson decided to grace us with his cheeky presence 2 days early, and as beautiful as ever.

No one can prepare you for the heartache, worry, frustration and pain that comes hand in hand with parenthood. It’s only been two weeks, but the connection I have with River is beyond anything I could’ve imagined. 

Although our sleeping patterns are completely out of whack (I think we had a total of 2-3 hours sleep last night) and the frustration kicks in when he just won’t go to bed, I try to remind myself that we are so lucky to have him, and it will only get easier. Not to mention the difficulties I have faced with breastfeeding, although I'll go into more detail with this in my upcoming blog.

I have also taken a small step back when it comes to our 1K Words online business. Although I have still been in contact with many of you since the birth of River, I have left the back end of the business to Mark for now... well until I have established some sort of a routine anyway. 

While Mark has the ‘settling’ down packed, I need to work on my patience a bit more, which is beyond difficult now that the sleep deprivation has finally hit.

Poo explosions (especially at 3am, in the freezing cold), have become a regular feature of our evenings, not to mention a flood of wee from 'Percy' (as we like to call it lol), while trying to change his already clean nappy!

The struggle is real! I can safely say I’ve done at least 15 loads of washing since bringing him home, with nappy san becoming my number one best friend.

With Mother’s Day here, it’s made me really think about the role I play in this little boy's life - how this tiny human can be so helpless, and rely so much on his mummy and daddy.

‘To the world you may be just one person, but to one person, you may be the world.’

May 12, 2018 — Natasha Gonzalez



Talei said:

Happiest first Mother’s Day! The blog was very heartfelt and special. Welcome to the world little River. I would love to see a blog about the importance of capturing special family moments… Like family portraits. I believe we (especially us Mothers) get so caught up in daily routine, work, keeping the home and relationships in order we lose sight of ensuring we’re “present” in each moment. Family portraits are very important because they are what we have to look back on once all of the kiddies have grown and left the best & when it’s just you and your partner, a little more wrinkly and wiser, reminiscing on “back in the day”

Thank you


Malakah said:

Happy Mother day Natasha all the best for your new life and new role , do deserve to be happy .

Kids are our grace from God and it is our responsibility to keep this grace safe and happy and i am sure you are ready for this job


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