Celebrating My 30th Birthday

‘Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.’ - Walt Disney

Baby shower, or 30th birthday party? Or why not both? Ha! Yeah right...

With baby due in less than 3 weeks, I decided to take the selfish option (yes, shame on me!), by succumbing to a 30th birthday celebration (eek!) which I’d been completely against since Mark had suggested it a few months ago!

Being the centre of attention was never really my thing (actually, I hated it!) and last weekend was no different, especially since this so called 'bowling ball' I was carrying had decided to really make an appearance, and was out in full force. Mixed feelings were also racing about turning the big 3-0, and don’t even get me started on the lengths it took to find the perfect dress!

But where to have this so called 30th party to comfortably fit at least 60 guests? Visions of the film 'Father of the Bride' immediately came to my mind, with festive balloons, marquees strewn with fairy lights, and I instantly thought of home (well, my old home anyway). But amongst that, also came Steve Martin (a.k.a my dad lol), who could so easily burst my bubble by simply saying a big, fat, 'no'! 

Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about that, and my amazing parents both agreed with no hesitation! 

4 weeks came and went, and before we knew it, it was Saturday the 7th of April, and time to party! I guess I shouldn’t be admitting to this, but I was exhausted before the evening had even begun. I still braved some sleek black heels, even though my feet are still bruised and battered days later! Totally my bad.

Obsessed is an understatement when it comes to me and Disney, so naturally, I couldn’t have a 30th and not incorporate this somehow! I knew once the little tyke was born, he’d have endless Disney parties (well...until he is old enough to dispute them anyway), but I just couldn’t resist!

Before I knew it, my very thoughtful husband had organised blue and gold balloon bouquets provided by one of the most beautiful boutique party shops in Australia called House of Party, a huge marquee filled with sparkling fairy lights, a cupcake tower of roses designed by Every Cake Has A Story and a playlist fit for a fairytale princess. Yep, you guessed it! Beauty and the Beast theme!

It didn’t end there though! Pizza Picchio, a wood fire pizza van was hired, serving endless traditional pizzas of all types throughout the evening, even Nutella pizza for dessert. What more could you ask for!

 It was so warming to have both close friends and family under one roof... just for one magical night.

I may be starting a new and overwhelming chapter in my life by turning 30, but I promise, it’s not so bad. If celebrating 31, 35 or even 40 years means an excuse to bring everyone together, then let’s do it!

April 11, 2018 by Natasha Gonzalez

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Alicia said:

Hi Natasha,
I think we must be due around the same time!! I even had my baby shower the same day as your shower/birthday celebration. Happy birthday to you 🎁🎂 mine is around due date time!! Would love to see some pregnancy related posts about your journey so far, and can’t wait to see some baby posts after the arrival 👶🏼


Malakah said:

Hello Natasha,

Wish for you safe delivery.. you will going to be a great mum as i noticed in your photos you are surrounded by lovely husband and family and absolutely you deserve it..
Birth moments are the precious and blessing moments to cover( i am mum for two kids and i tasted this feeling). wish you the best of luck and good health

Fiona Dubberley

Fiona Dubberley said:

Aaaawwwww a baby’s coming, wishing you all the best for a safe wonderful birth and beautiful healthy baby.
Would love to see some baby/toddler pics covered.
Oh and I’m entering and hoping to win lol as my daughter has just recently got married and I’d love to surprise her with one of your beautiful pieces of work as a present.

Good luck with bubs xxx


Suz said:

Would love to hear about how you managed to keep business thriving within the first few months!? Love your business! Would so love to win to redesign my room with your art! Keep it up


Amber said:

Would love to know more about how you started off your unique Art business, like how you felt when you knew you had to commit to your idea and wait for it to bloom! How did you feel when you started to achieve sales and get a massive following? Xx


Nikki said:

Congrats on turning 30!! Looks like you enjoyed that milestone way more then i did haha (I’ve now decided 30 isnt so bad)..
Id love to hear how you came across the idea to start this business and what your inspiration was to do it all…
Goodluck with babies arrival 💖


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